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Floor Lamp with twin dragons


Date : Around 1890 | Medium : wrought iron, chisel-finished

Attributed to Esteve Andorra Farras 1890

This Catalan lamp adorned with two dragons, illustrates the production of decorative art workshops which worked with large quantities of iron in the traditional way, in Barcelona at the end of the nineteenth century, especially around Gaudi. This may be the work of Esteve Andorra (Bar de la Cerdany, Lleida, 1862-Barcelona, 1926), who produced a hanging lamp with a similar dragon motif. Originally the tongues of the two dragons hung out: the top one was used to hang a lamp, oil lamp or candle, while the bottom one has disappeared. While the coiled body of the upper dragon is adorned with very distinct scales, the lower dragon spreads its bat-like wings.