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Combination lock with sun and moon symbols and key

LS 1957.19.1

Date : XIXth century | Medium : wrought and cut iron, engraved brass, silver



Don Sangnier-Dessirier

This combination lock is a virtuoso work in the style of a masterpiece, but was never completed. Neither the silver watch dial decorated with an openwork star nor the image of the moon are related to the mechanism. The golden brass cylinder rotates when the key is turned and when the bolt is released reads: ‘dexterity rather than strength No. 2 ‘or when the bolt is retracted, ‘dedicated to lovers, the artist requests your indulgence No. 3.’ It is likely that sentence No. 1 was included in the opening designed to release the crescent moon. It remains to be seen whether the presence in this context of the sun, moon and stars has a particular significance...